I am a walkability researcher (PhD, Auckland University of Technology) and a transport engineer (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Mobility interests me as an essential asset of cities contributing positively and durably to the citizens’ well-being. For me, the transport system needs to be accessible, efficient, sustainable, integrated across modes and with the land use, and supportive of good public spaces. It forms part of the city as a complex system, and fully impacts on economic, social, environmental or health outcomes. My main interest is planning solutions that align with the cities’ objectives and people’s well-being.

Since 2004, I worked for private companies, public organizations and also as an independent, in Switzerland, Argentina and in New Zealand. I have been lucky to be involved in exceptional urban projects, from master-plans to local (re)design work, collaborating with transport planners, urban designers, civil engineers, geographers and landscape architects from whom I have learned a lot. My career incited me to start (and finish!) a PhD examining how inherited infrastructure might cause barriers to walking, for disabled and non-disabled people, and aiming to provide practical insights for retrofit. A technical report was produced based on the findings of the PhD, so to support professionals.

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