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I am a transport planner and walkability researcher, passionate about good urban design and thriving cities. This guides all I do, and I see my activity as advising on systems that work for people and answer to the urban intensification by creating a positive reaction. At the end of the day, as Jan Gehl said, we should be aiming for cities that are “like good parties – you stay longer than you had planned to”. Accessibility and mobility interest me as essential qualities of cities, contributing positively and durably to the citizens’ well-being by making it easy for all to reach destinations, providing enjoyable streets and public spaces, and limiting traffic noise and air pollution.

This page shows some of my references and (very) occasional blog posts.

I worked for private companies, public organizations and also as an independent, in Switzerland, Argentina and New Zealand. After a role as a principal transport planner with the New Zealand Transport Agency (System Design and Delivery / Target Rapid Growth), I completed a PhD with Auckland University of Technology, examining how the streets environments and transport systems contribute to difficulties of access on foot or by wheelchair. My aim is to bring local evidence to help inform the retrofit of inherited environments, improve accessibility for all ages and abilities, and contribute to the attractiveness of walking as a mode in itself and access to public transport.

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