I am a transport planner, and the mobility interests me as an essential asset of cities contributing positively and durably to the citizens’ well-being. For me, the sought system is accessible, efficient, sustainable and integrated, not only across modes but also with the urban planning and the public spaces. I like the idea that it is part of the “happy cities” concept, which (hippie as it may sound) gives a central place to the citizens’ realization.

I worked for private companies, a public organization and also as an independent, in Switzerland and in Argentina, but also with the vision of more egalitarian, efficient, accessible, enjoyable and sustainable solutions participating to the cities’ thriving. Concretely, that meant quite a number of different projects – I presented the most important ones here.

From August 2016, I have been working as a principal transport planner for New Zealand’s Transport Agency, a really exciting shift. I am mainly involved in strategic transport planning and projects improving the provision for all the modes, in urban areas.


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